McCain Yorkshire Coast 10km Road Race
& Family Fun Run. Sunday 22nd October 2017

Event Details.

The 10km Road Race, 2.5km & 1.6Km Fun Runs will start from the Scarborough Spa Complex, South Bay, Scarborough.
10K race starts at 10am prompt
2.5K & 1.6K Fun Runs start after the main event at 11:30am

Traffic Free Courses.
Both courses are on roads that have been completely closed to all traffic (thanks to Scarborough Borough Council for their support in allowing the road closures)

Electronic Chip Timing for 10K race.
To ensure that all 10K competitors get a fair and accurate time we will be using electronic chip timing.
This year we are using a disposable chip. This takes the form of a metallic paper loop with a self adhesive end that fastens under your shoe laces.
For timing chip strip attachment instructions please click here.
There is no collection of these chips after the finish line and they can be disposed of in any normal waste bin.
All runners will be timed from when they cross the start line to when they cross the finish line.
It does not matter if it takes entrants 2 minutes to cross the start line after the gun goes off, you will still get a precise race time!!!

Wearing of Headphone / earphones.
As the race is run on closed roads we do allow the wearing of earphones.
We would ask people to keep volumes to a level that will enable them to hear marshal instructions and emergency vehicle sirens in case of emergencies.

10K T-shirts
The 10k T-shirts are technical T's for 2017
The collection points will be clearly marked by size.
XS & Small - Yellow dots on race number (XS have two dots)
Medium - Red dots on race number
Large - Green dots on race number
XL & XXL - Blue dots on race number (XXL have two dots)
Please go to the desk that corresponds to your colour. This will hopefully avoid congestion by reducing queue sizes.

10K medals
Each finisher will receive a medal on completion of the course.

10km Course. (10km Map here.)
The 10km course is almost flat with approximately 25 metres of climb throughout.
The 10km course route is as follows:-
Start at the Spa Complex, onto South Bay foreshore, Sandside, Marine Drive and around the Castle Headland.
Continue to the Peasholm Gap roundabout and then through Northstead Manor Gardens (past the miniature railway station), through the fantastic new open air theatre and out onto the North Bay promenade and on to the Sealife Centre.
The turn point is just after the Sea Life Centre and proceed back directly along North Bay promenade (past the brightly coloured beach chalets,) along Marine Drive and back to the Spa Complex.
The course has been accurately marked by Paul Hodgson to IAAF standards and is precisely 10,000 metres.
Photos of Paul measuring the course on the 7th June 2009 (Click on images to enlarge)
Paul at 2km markPaul at 6km mark.

2.5km (1.6 miles) & 1.6km (1 mile) Fun Run Courses - (Fun Run Map here).
Both the 2.5km & 1.6km Fun Runs start at the Spa Complex and take in the South Bay Foreshore.
The 1.6km Fun run turns on the pedestrian crossing short of the Lifeboat House whilst the 2.5km run continues onto Sandside before
turning just short of the Luna Park roundabout before heading back to the Spa.

Schools Challenge.
To encourage youngsters to get out and take part in the Fun Run through their school we have created the "Schools Challenge".
The Jimmy Corrigan Trophy (Jimmy Corrigan was a great supporter of junior sports) will be awarded to Schools that have the highest number of participants in the Fun Run. 
There is a category for both large and small schools.
Anyone can enter for your school including pupils, teachers, parents, friends etc - Just make sure you put your school name down on the entry form
We will be distributing entry forms and posters to all schools in the region when the new term commences.

Team Challenge.
To encourage teams to enter the 10km race in addition to the normal running club team competition we have the following categories:-
1. Charity Team Challange - Any team of 3 or more that is raising money for their preferred charity.
2. Workplace Team Challenge - any work organisation or business etc:
Both require at least 3 team members (male, female or mixed) - the first 3 over the finish line to count.
Make sure you fill in your team name on the form.

Prize list.
We have a comprehensive list of prizes based on the table below.
All vet categories are awarded on Chip time, not gun time. This allows all athletes to start from
a comfortable position and not feel pressured to move up to the start front.

McCain Yorkshire Coast 10K Road Race Prize List
Competitors can win more than one prize - Cash Prize unless stated
Affiliated Team point scoring is calculated with all competitors counted.
Category Male   Female
1st - Plate 120.00   120.00
2nd - Shield 80.00   80.00
3rd - Shield 60.00   60.00
4th 50.00   50.00
5th 40.00   40.00
6th 30.00   30.00
7th 25.00   25.00
8th 20.00   20.00
9th 15.00   15.00
10th 10.00   10.00
Vet Categories      
V35 1st     25.00
V35 2nd     15.00
V35 3rd     10.00
V40 1st 25.00   25.00
V40 2nd 15.00   15.00
V40 3rd 10.00   10.00
V45 1st 25.00   25.00
V45 2nd 15.00   15.00
V45 3rd 10.00   10.00
V50 1st 25.00   25.00
V50 2nd 15.00   15.00
V50 3rd 10.00   10.00
V55 1st 25.00   25.00
V55 2nd 15.00   15.00
V55 3rd 10.00   10.00
V60 1st 25.00   25.00
V60 2nd 15.00   15.00
V60 3rd 10.00   10.00
V65 1st 25.00   25.00
V65 2nd 15.00   15.00
V65 3rd 10.00   10.00
V70 1st 25.00   25.00
V70 2nd 15.00   15.00
V75 1st 25.00    
V75 2nd 15.00    
V80 1st 25.00    
1st 20.00   20.00
2nd 15.00   15.00
3rd 10.00   10.00
UKA Affiliated Teams (3 persons)      
1st (3 X 20) 60.00   60.00
2nd (3 X 15) 45.00   45.00
3rd (3 x 10) 30.00   30.00
Totals 1035.00   1020.00
Charity Challenge 50.00    
Workplace Team (3 persons) Cup    
Schools Team (Fun Run)      
Jimmy Corrigan's Trophy  - Large School Cup    
Trophy Small School Cup    
Grand Total   2,105.00